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Monday through Sunday 6 am to 8 pm

Now in our 40th year….Mi Wuk Wash & Dry is the only coin operated laundromat in the Pinecrest area serving the High Sierras.

Only laundry in Tuolumne county with a 75 pound Dryer

Easily handles all your large items such as sleeping bags, comforters, bedspreads etc. No Tangles, reverse action.

Our Equipment

We have totally remodeled our laundromat and added new machines, These updated washers have cut the water usage in half which means we are GREEN! The spin cycle in the washer is so speedy it will cut your dryer time in less than half. Which means you can wash and dry your load of clothes in less than an hour.


  • We are only 15 miles from Sonora California.
  • Enjoy the use of our free highspeed WIFI while our washers & dryers take care of your wash.
  • We also have a Car wash.
  • Restaurants for snacks and food in convenient walking distance.

Get in Touch with Us

Feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns

24559 CA-108 Mi-Wuk Village, CA 95346 Phone: (209) 352-8533

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